In a world where technology is becoming increasingly savvy in the business world, you want to ensure you’re staying on top of the tech world – and in turn one step ahead of your competitors. Finding the latest technology to enhance your business operations has never been easier – from the basics of social media, through to apps and holograms, there are an abundance of options out there. Photography and videos are two things that never go stale, particularly if you work in the real estate industry. In the past 2 years, the popularity of drone videography has increased dramatically as property owners, developers and architects realize the benefits. Not only is it great for properties of any size or shape, but it also provides a much better overview of the local area so those in charge can make more informed decisions.

Real Estate – Agents & Managers

aerial-photography-for-real-estateTraditional real estate agencies might spend a fortune hiring a helicopter photographer to come in and take images of the property they want to sell or lease from the air. A drone, however, has the ability to get up much closer to the property itself, to get into some of the harder-to-reach features of the property and to show the property in its true context. Rather than ending up with one image or video that looks as though it’s come from Google Earth, you can have an entire property portfolio of images and video from the air, knowing that your potential buyers are seeing the property from every angle – so there are no surprises when they buy. Drone videography also gives potential buyers a better view of the area around the property so they can make a more informed decision about the location. As a property manager, using a drone for a building inspection is becoming more common, particularly as it becomes much easier – and cheaper – to assess required repairs.


Property development

Whether you’re considering a large parcel of land to build a multi-million dollar estate; or you’re buying a small block to build a house; you want to make sure the property you’re purchasing has everything you need for your project. Drone videography is an easy way for you to take a look at every aspect of the property before you buy; every corner, every hill, every ant nest. You’ll be able to make a much more informed decision right from the start, helping your project to proceed at lightning speed, with limited disruption. It’s also a great way for you to keep track of the development as it progresses.


The number of architects using drones is increasing every day. It’s a great way to pitch a development to someone, by being able to show them a fly-over of the land; then creating a digitally enhanced image with your project embedded. It not only enables architects to show the scale of the project, but also how it will impact the surrounding area. It’s also beneficial for building inspections, eliminating expenses like hiring access equipment and scaffolds to gain access to the property as the drone zooms in on corrosion, storm damage and cracks.

Property Insurance

Insurance companies are also using drone videography to assess insurance claims. They no longer have to wait for government authority to access properties, meaning that insurance claims are faster, and the safety of their personnel is guaranteed.

If you really want to stand out, be better than your competition, and be prepared for anything, drone videography can set you aside – and you’ll be on top of the property market in no time (pun intended).