Originally, drones were invented and created as tools of war but over the years, there have been a lot of changes taking place and the use of drones has become more than just unmanned killing machines.

The modern benefits drones can have made a huge difference in the world of technology and they are currently being used in many ways, from helping farmers to do aerial surveys of crops, to saving children.

For example, a drone allows farmers to monitor irrigation systems and their yields, and allows them a unique view to see if certain areas of their farmland are damaged or not growing to capacity. Police departments across the world are using drones for surveillance of criminal activity. The FBI is using them, and drones are even being used to drop medical supplies to remote in Africa to help save lives.

Apart from these, commercially available drones have flooded into the market in the last couple of years, and photography and videography are now the biggest use for drones across the globe.

Drone videography has certainly “taken off”, and these days there are hundreds of easily accessible video compatible drones and copters available and being used in a number of industries, especially for those in the events, sports and real estate.

In order to prepare you if you’re considering buying a drone yourself, or hiring a professional like Aeroview, we have compiled a bit of a list of some important things you should know about drone videography:

  • Most marketing experts will use video for online marketing, so if you want hits on your site, drone video will get people engaged.
  • Websites with videos are featured much more prominently in SEO and will show more frequently in searches.
  • The main benefit of drone video technology is its ability to capture distinctive cinematic style angles and locations in the same shot.
  • While other craft are constrained from flying lower than 500 feet above built-up areas, drones can get uniquely close to an event or property for a more assimilated experience.
  • Using camera drones allows you to create brilliant videos very easily by merging GPS programmed flight paths and automatic specific camera targeting. This is particularly good for sporting events and concerts, giving punters on the ground a unique view from above.
  • Well-designed drone camera shots not only look professional, they create a level of interest that you can’t get from ground-based videography.
  • Real estate and commercial properties with a video receive more inquiries and tend to sell at a much faster rate.
  • Not only that, but you can fly a drone from 100 feet above your house, and right through your front door to your kitchen, capturing the most unique visual content you can imagine.

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